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Courier shipping or mail delivery for valuables

As soon as we receive your payment in our account, we will deliver your order to our carrier. You will be informed of this in a separate email.

If the net value of the assets is less than CHF 5,000.00,  delivery will be made by a mail delivery company.

The delivery will be made to the agreed address (business or home address), and will be delivered to the person who is at that address (post office boxes, reception centres and the like are excluded). Delivery will be made within approximately 3-5 business days, counting from the day following the confirmation of our order by our mail delivery company. Delivery deadlines may not be agreed by phone, email or other means. Before shipment, we request that you ensure no additional agreements with the mail delivery company are in existence (such as leaving deliveries in garages, gardens or with neighbours), as in such circumstances we cannot guarantee safe shipping.

The cost for this type of shipment amounts to CHF 25.00. For shipments to the 

If the net value of the assets is equal to or greater thanCHF  5,000.00 , delivery will be made by a courier of valuables.

Delivery will be made by Prosegur, which specializes in the transport of valuables using an armoured vehicle. In the case of private addresses, delivery will be made to you in person or a person you have authorized in writing. In this case, an employee of the company Prosegur will contact you by telephone to set a delivery deadline (morning/afternoon) and, where appropriate, other details of the operation. This will take place within approximately 3-5 business days from the day following the confirmation of our order. For deliveries to private homes, the Prosegur employee must document that the shipment has been received. To this end, please have a valid official identification document to hand (original or certified copy of identity card or passport) and, if applicable, of the person authorized in writing by you. In the event that you have indicated a business address, delivery will also be made by a courier of valuables. Delivery will be made directly to the usual point of receipt of correspondence of the company named i.e. with no fixed delivery date or legitimacy check.

The cost for this type of shipment amounts to 50.00 CHF.

All shipments are insured up to the amount of 50,000 CHF For net value of the assets greater than 50,000 CHF, please contact us.

The following general conditions shall apply, regardless of the net value of items being shipped:

Two delivery attempts will be made to the address indicated (private or business address). If after the second attempt, no person authorized to receive the shipment is found, it will be kept in storage for your personal collection. The rest of the information will consist of the notification left by the mail delivery company or the courier of valuables after the corresponding delivery attempt. If you wish the delivery to be made to a company, it should in principle be made to the usual point of receipt of correspondence of the company in question, and in this manner we shall be understood to have fulfilled our obligation to deliver. 
We shall only process shipments addressed to a private or business address in Switzerland, assuming that the client can demonstrate a billing address in this country.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive your goods in a padded envelope. When you open it, you will find a transparent HIGH SECURITY bag inside, with a high security thermo-chromatic adhesive, with a text on opening, security soldering, the goods and a sequentially numbered receipt. FOR ANY CLAIM: You should check that the security bag is intact and has not been tampered with. Similarly, you should check that the item ordered is the item in the bag before opening or handling the bag (as the bag is transparent).

Personal collection from a Altvalora establishment

Once we have received payment, you will receive an email confirmation. We will then proceed to ship your goods to the chosen establishment, where you will be able to collect them within 2 or 3 business days. Collection should be made within 4 weeks.

Currently, personal collections can be made in Lausanne, at Avenue du Theatre 1, telephone 21 317 5000, during our business hours which are Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 8:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

For your own security, you must prove your identity at the time of collection. To this end, please take with you a valid official identification document (original or certified copy of identity card or passport). In the event that the goods are to be collected by a third party, we will need the original copy of written authorization by the purchaser and a valid official identification document. This will allow us to carry out the necessary data and signature verification. Please note that in such cases, as a rule we cannot accept uncertified copies.

To consult details of the legally binding version of our terms of delivery, please see Articles 3-5 of our General Terms and Conditions of Business online and, if necessary, our Terms of Storing Valuables.